The Haunted Mansion

Cairn's Veil travels east to a haunted mansion to secure it as a spy outpost for Secretary Stoutthorn and the Republic of Onderwood

February 15th, 388 Year of the Mist
-Cairn’s Veil was told by Secretary Stoutthorn via Bronn and Hakan that there was a haunted mansion a couple days to the east that the Secretary wishes to use as a spy outpost. The party is to travel to the mansion and make sure that it is safe to use as an outpost since the Secretary does not believe the mansion to actually be haunted.
-Cairn’s Veil is joined by Cordozar Calvin Broadus, nicknamed Snoop (played by my friend Garner), an elvish bard that is looking for the story for his next great song.
-The party arrives at the property line of the mansion where a dilapidated fence carries a sign which says in Draconic “Property of the Cult of the Dragon, proceed with caution”
-The party goes onto the property and heads for the mansion
-While on the way to the mansion, they were met by a knight and two clerics on horseback
-While they explained that the ground that the party was trespassing on belongs to the Kingdom of Alvar (to the east), Steve the Pirate made his way into the mansion unseen.
-As Steve the Pirate entered the mansion, he saw that the interior was covered with cobwebs and the house seemed to have been left undisturbed for years, maybe decades.
-After investigating for a while, Steve the Pirate was able to find a lever that opened a secret door, leading to a dark basement…
-While Steve the Pirate was exploring on his own, the party was discussing why they were trespassing in the first place. Snoop explained that they had found a lost horse (belonging to Steve the Pirate) and were heading to the mansion to see if it belonged to the owners.
-Eventually, the knight and clerics were told that Steve the Pirate was in the mansion and they, along with the party, sprinted towards the mansion.
-While everyone raced towards the mansion, Steve the Pirate had already traveled down to the basement, finding an altar with the symbol of a dragon carved into the stone on the floor. Along the walls were several suits of armor, standing at attention, and a gold rod standing upright on the altar. Steve the Pirate, stepped onto the altar and grabbed the gold rod. Upon grabbing it, a group of Spectres appeared and began to attack him. As he tried to run out of the basement, he was knocked unconscious and his body was mutilated beyond recognition by the Spectres.
-When the party arrived, they found Steve’s body at the foot of the steps to the basement with the gold rod back at its rightful place on the altar.
-The knight inspected the rod and then began to usher everyone out of the house
-As the party was the first to make it to the top of the steps, they decided to cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut at the top of the stairs to prevent the knight and clerics from exiting the basement.
-One of the clerics used Dispel Magic and the three were able to chase the party off of the protected land. Before sending the party on their way, one of the clerics cast Revivify on Steve’s body, buying the party 10 days to have him raised.
-The party returned to Cairn’s End to lick their wounds and see if they could save Steve the Pirate.
-They met with Bronn who instructed them to head south to the mines of the Darmek Empire where they would be able to find a 1000 gp diamond that would be consumed by the spell.


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