Into the Underdark

Cairn's Vigilance travels to the Underdark to investigate the disappearance of Cairn's End's drow elf diplomat, Corpleck

January 28th, 388 Year of the Mist
-Cairn’s Vigilance is told that a drow elf diplomat named Corpleck went to the Underdark 3 days ago and has not returned.
-The party will investigate where he has gone and be accompanied by Sadiq, a mindflayer rogue that has been cast out by his hive.
-The group goes to a tavern to become acquainted with their new companion…who absolutely loves sandwiches!
-The group heads to the newfound entrance to the Underdark.
-After heading down a tunnel for a while, they came to a well-made door that they were able to learn was Derro-made.
-They looked through a peephole and saw that there were slain Derro and Drow all over the floor on the other side of the door.
-After MacGuyver-ing a way to retrieve the keys from the guard on the other side of the door, they opened the door and walked inside.
-After investigating the bodies, they found that Corpleck, the Onderwood diplomat, was among the dead.
-After fighting their way through a pack of Gnolls, the party was able to find the perpetrators of the murders to the Derro and Drow. A group of humans and elves were found mining and digging against the easternmost wall of this tunnel of the Underdark system. These miners were dressed in soldier uniforms that bore a symbol that was recognized by Oz as matching a symbol that is on a book that Eliothyn had been seen reading from time to time.
-After surprising the miners and defeating them in battle, the party was able to take 3 prisoners and decided to bring them back to Cairn’s End for Secretary Stoutthorn to interrogate.


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